What will you see

when you look beyond the label?

Download Adarza’s AAI 2019 Poster Presentation:

Adarza’s ZIVA technology platform enables highly multiplexed label-free detection of serum analytes.


What will you see

when you look beyond the label?

Imagine a new technology that will advance the science of multiplexing — without changing the way you work.

A label-free innovation with the precision you need. Fast and easy to use. And accelerating your results with fewer resources than you invest now. Even better, this new way to detect will be so flexible, you may never need another platform.

Create any kind of array—at any size—for any interaction.

Imagine working without limits. We do—and we’re on our way to making it happen.

Come see the future.

More for multiplexing. Ready soon for every lab, everywhere.

  • Multiplex with the same platform at any scale: 5, 50 even 100 biomarkers from a single sample

  • Label-free technology lowers processing time and investment in lab resources

  • The sensitivity you need: no more, no less

  • Quick start-up and simple, automated workflow—so you can get to work faster

  • As your needs grow, our platform will keep pace every step of the way

The data analytics are already done.

Our technology works and is already correlated to existing platforms and assays.

See it your way.

Soon, you’ll have the freedom to fly. Choose from a variety of kits or customize precisely what you need in weeks—not months.

Join the Revolution

And stay informed as we approach our launch date.