Adarza BioSystems, Inc. is a biotechnology company pioneering a label-free platform technology that enables the simultaneous detection of hundreds of analytes in a single drop of fluid.

With research and production facilities located in St. Louis, MO, Adarza is developing a multiplex biosensor platform with key features that enable a user-friendly, simple end-to-end workflow solution allowing researchers to get quantitative data faster with less work.

The technology, arrayed imaging reflectometry (AIR), is a label-free platform that enables the simultaneous detection of hundreds of analytes in a single drop of fluid. Transformed by the company’s experienced leadership team spanning multiple industries, Adarza’s first-to-market products will include a fully automated bench-top instrument with extensive analytical power as well as a suite of protein array assays and custom assay services. Much like the first gene-chips that enabled multiplexed genomics analysis, Adarza’s multiplex protein array platform will fundamentally disrupt the field of proteomics research by providing an easy workflow solution, from assay to analysis, for the drug discovery and clinical research industries. The initial consumable offerings will span large proteomics screening to smaller, validated arrays as well as “made-to-order” custom arrays. Given the flexibility of the technology, detection of nucleic acids, viruses/bacteria and allergens is possible which will help Adarza expand into other industries and clinical diagnostics.

Adarza is a venture capital backed company and the exclusive licensee of a broad intellectual property portfolio initially developed at University of Rochester.

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