Adarza’s versatile label-free technology empowers researchers with a virtually Unlimited Content Menu

Adarza will offer 1 to 400 plex Immunoassay Panels that can be used across multiple industry segments:

— Biomarker Discovery, Validation, and Application

  • Cytokines & Inflammation
  • Neuro
  • Cardio
  • Metabolomics
  • Cancer
  • Toxicity

— Serotyping and Vaccine Testing

— Agriculture Sciences

  • Food crop
  • Crop pathogen, insect, etc.

— Food Safety Testing

— Environmental Surveillance

In addition to our immunoassay assays, arrays can be constructed from virtually any other binder types including: nucleic acids, small molecules, antibodies, proteins, peptides, etc. In the future, AIR will enable multiple classes of probes to be combined on a single array. Adarza has already demonstrated the ability to:

  • Detect small molecule binding to protein kinases on multiplexed arrays
  • Serotyping of serum samples
  • Allergy testing using antigen arrays to detect antibody titer in serum

Importantly, all of our consumable arrays use the same technology and same instrument, so whether you’re testing serum samples with an Adarza cytokine array, or screening a small molecule library against a custom kinase array, it’s all on the same user-friendly instrument.