Adarza Sets Stage for Commercialization

Adarza BioSystems Sets Stage to Sell its Technology to Research Organizations
Completes Leadership Team, Rebranding and Relocation

St. LOUIS, MO (May 23, 2018) – Adarza BioSystems, Inc., a biotechnology company developing a novel protein and biomolecule detection platform, announced today that it has put in place the leadership, new manufacturing center and branding to begin selling its technology to researchers in the second quarter of 2019.

Adarza’s imaging technology can identify hundreds of targets within a single test, from small amounts of tissue, blood or other biological samples. Using proprietary methods to create arrays of biologically active molecules on silicon chips, an endless number of targets can be detected including antibodies, nucleic acids, peptides and whole viruses/bacteria.

The first products to launch will be a series of multiplexed assays for profiling inflammation, cardiovascular and oncology protein biomarkers. The products will initially be offered to university laboratories and commercial enterprises involved in life science and clinical research primarily focused on drug development.

In the 14 months since it raised $17 million in its Series C financing, led by RiverVest Venture Partners, Adarza has benefitted from St. Louis’ strong life science ecosystem to build a team of leaders who are taking its technology to commercialization. Adarza’s leadership team includes St. Louis researchers, engineers and executives who were previously with some of the region’s leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical, semiconductor and agtech companies.

Joining Adarza President Bryan Witherbee and co-founder and V.P., Technology, Christopher Striemer, Ph.D., Adarza’s new leadership team includes:

  • Chief Commercial Officer Linda Meeh, Ph.D., formerly with Merck Millipore;
  • V.P., Manufacturing Bob Crepin, formerly with SunEdison Semiconductor;
  • V.P., Research and Development Jon Schmuke, formerly with Pfizer and Monsanto;
  • Director of Engineering Jason Mitchell, previously with Monsanto;
  • Director of Quality Control and Assurance Nannette Langevin, previously with Monsanto;
  • Director of Software Engineering Randy Motluck, formerly with bioMérieux.

In preparation for the commercial launch, Adarza is developing the second generation instrument that will be a fully automated, bench-top system enabling minimal hands-on time and simple workflow, according to Witherbee. The newly designed instrument will provide all the industry-standard features in a detection system but with affordability, flexibility and the capability to assess  hundreds of protein biomarkers simultaneously from a single sample, Witherbee said.

The Adarza technology will be marketed across multiple industry segments including drug discovery and clinical research (from cancer to inflammation to metabolic diseases and more), vaccine and allergy testing, and agriculture sciences.

To ensure Adarza has enough space for full-scale manufacturing, the technology company moved its product-development functions and headquarters to St. Louis’ Westport/Maryland Heights area where it now has 10,000 square feet including 4,500 square feet of manufacturing space. St. Louis-based Arcturis designed the new office space which is furnished by POE-Professional Office Environments.

Founded in West Henrietta, N.Y., Adarza moved its production facilities to St. Louis in 2013 in large part due to the strong financial support provided by St. Louis-based investors. Adarza has raised a total of $31 million, with $20 million of it from St. Louis investors including RiverVest Venture Partners, Lewis & Clark Ventures, Cultivation Capital, BioGenerator, the St. Louis Arch Angels, Arch Grants, the Helix Fund, Missouri Technology Corp. and Dave Smoller, a former Sigma-Aldrich executive.

About Adarza BioSystems, Inc.

St. Louis, Mo.-based Adarza is a leading developer and manufacturer of label-free biosensor assays and instruments servicing life science research, drug development and in vitro diagnostics customers. Adarza’s platform is capable of rapidly identifying and quantifying a series of biological target analyte species in a fluid sample, without chemical labels or complex processing. Adarza’s technology offers key performance benefits in speed, ease of use, large screening arrays and custom assay as well as industry-standard expectations for sensitivity, sample size, and dynamic range. Adarza products address broad quantitative analyte detection applications, including cancer biomarkers, drug and vaccine development, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases research. For more information, visit or @AdarzaBio.

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