ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Adarza BioSystems, Inc. announced today that former Roche Molecular Systems CEO, Dr. Heiner Dreismann, an internationally recognized leader in the in vitro diagnostics industry, has joined Adarza’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Dreismann brings a wealth of experience, contacts and insight to Adarza as it moves to commercialize its protein multiplex product platform in the life science, clinical research and diagnostic markets. The budding Rochester, N.Y.-based firm is built around a unique Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry detection platform that offers a new level of analytical performance and advantages in cost and ease of operation in many applications including cancer biomarkers, drug and vaccine development, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases research.

“Adarza has a novel platform technology for immunochemistry diagnostics, one of the major market segments of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry,” said Dr. Dreismann. “Adarza’s technology will enable the development of a novel kind of immunological test with superior analytical performance and simplified user workflow. The technology is very versatile and will become the basis of the next generation of clinical laboratory systems as well as user-friendly and easy point-of-care diagnostics. I am excited to join the board of Adarza and I look forward to contributing to its success.”

While Dr. Dreismann was President and CEO of Roche Molecular Systems (RMS), a division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., from 2000 through 2006, he helped to establish molecular diagnostics as a routine technology in the clinical diagnostics arena. Dr. Dreismann played a leadership role in the introduction of PCR-based tests in Europe in 1992 and has contributed to many important innovative advancements in the medical diagnostics industry during the last two decades. During his tenure as CEO, RMS annual sales doubled to US$ 1.2 billion and the portfolio of tests and hardware sales were greatly expanded. Prior to being appointed CEO, Dr. Dreismann held other senior positions within Roche Diagnostics in the areas of Global Business Development, Business Unit Manager for PCR and Microbiology, as well as R&D positions in microbiology and infectious diseases, and in manufacturing.

Dr. Dreismann earned a Master’s Degree in Biology and a Ph.D. in Microbiology/Molecular Biology (“summa cum laude”), both from Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany.

“Dr. Dreismann has been a pioneer and leader in the in vitro diagnostics industry for many years,” said Dr. Randolph Henke, Ph.D., CEO of Adarza BioSystems. “His broad experience and deep knowledge of the industry, especially as it relates to the introduction of new technology-based products in the clinical research and diagnostics arena, will be extremely valuable as we commercialize our breakthrough label-free protein microarray assay platform.”

About Adarza BioSystems, Inc.

Adarza is an early stage biosensor technology product company headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., focused on applications in life science tools and diagnostics markets. Adarza’s products and services utilize its proprietary Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry (AIR) detection platform that is capable of rapidly identifying and quantifying a series of biological target analyte species in a fluid sample, without chemical labels or complex processing. The AIR technology offers key performance benefits in sensitivity, speed, multiplex arrays, sample size, dynamic range, ease of use and industry-leading low cost of use. Adarza products address broad quantitative analyte detection applications, including cancer biomarkers, drug and vaccine development, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases research. Adarza also sells biosensor devices for applications in surveillance and monitoring human exposure to harmful agents in public health, industrial, environmental, defense and homeland security.