ROCHESTER, NY:  Adarza BioSystems, Inc. has been awarded a $244,500 Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project grant from the Internal Revenue Service to aid the company in its efforts to apply its breakthrough Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry bioassay platform to the diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer. The Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program was enacted as part of the healthcare reform legislation passed earlier this year. Adarza BioSystems’ qualification under the program’s guidelines recognizes its potential to produce a new diagnostic panel of tests for early detection, staging and monitoring of bladder cancers, ultimately leading to improved treatment of chronic or acute bladder cancer disease states and conditions and reducing long-term health costs.

According to The American Cancer Society, bladder cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States with an estimated 70,000 new cases and 14,300 deaths annually. Bladder cancer has the highest rate of recurrence and associated treatment costs of all cancer types. LAW FIRM ADDS PACIFIC RIM OFFICE Page 2

Bladder cancer diagnosis, monitoring and treatment is complex and affected by age, sex, race, comorbidity, environmental exposures and family history all contributing to complex and expensive patient monitoring and testing. Adarza is developing a multiplex immunoassay panel capable of detecting many different serum protein markers from a finger stick quantity of blood capable of broadly detecting and charactering the presence and stage of bladder cancer and treatment effectiveness much faster and at a lower cost that existing testing methods.

Adarza’s Arrayed Imaging Reflectometery bioassay platform is in the development stage as an investigational device and is not available for sale in the United States. The company is in the process of validating its bioassay platform, and intends to have devices available for the research market within the next year.

About Adarza BioSystems, Inc. Adarza is an early stage biosensor technology product and service company headquartered in Rochester, New York. Founded in 2008, Adarza’s biosensor products and assay services will first be available to academic and clinical researchers.

Adarza’s products and services utilize its proprietary Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry (AIR) detection platform that is capable of rapidly identifying and quantifying a series of biological target analyte species in a fluid sample, without chemical labels or complex assays. The AIR technology offers key performance benefits in sensitivity, speed, multiplex arrays, sample size, dynamic range, ease of use and industry leading low cost of use. Adarza products address broad quantitative analyte detection applications, including cancer, drug and vaccine development, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases research. Adarza also sells biosensor devices for applications in surveillance and monitoring human exposure to harmful agents in public health, industrial, environmental, defense and homeland security.